Magic in the world of Sera is quite rare, raw magic that is. Now what do I mean by that. Well what I am trying to say is magic is supposed to be rare to an extent. The common person doesn’t really encounter magic unless they see a divine hand use there divine powers to heal someone for them it’s a momentous event. Then again they don’t see people with the power to fire lightning bolts from there hands at all in fact.

So with that in mind there are some things that you will need to keep in mind for your characters.

1. Magic Weapons and items are not common. Most magic items and weapons are rare with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is rune magic. Now rune magic itself will be covered in the wiki later, but suffice it to say that at a very expensive cost you can put runes into items and then use your mana to fuel them.

2. Creating Magic Items and Weapons. You can create items using the BESM Rulebook, but you will have to check with you GM how this affects your Mana Count or if indeed the item has the Mana Count, that will be up to the GM.

3. A lot of the magic is elemental magic, as they are the building blocks of the world.

4. Magic or blessings from gods do not drain the user of there mana count, they drain the gods count instead.

There will be other things as well so watch this space for more on magic.

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