Assign Stats

Assigning Stats

You may use some or all of your Character Points to acquire Stats for the character. There are 3 Main Stats you should be concerned with.


The Body Stat measures the physical aspects of your character. This includes overall health, strength, endurance, quickness, rate of healing, manual dexterity, and ability to withstand trauma. A character with a high Body is in good physical shape.
Body values of nonhumans or super-powered humans may still centre on a human average (unless they are also superhumanly fit). Superhuman or subhuman strength, durability, and speed are all represented by specific Attributes and Defects. Thus, an out-of-shape 10-metre-tall giant might have a lower Body than an athletic teenage boy . . . but the giant’ size will be reflected by other Attributes such as Superstrength and Tough.


The Mind Stat represents a character’s mental abilities. High values indicate intelligent, witty, and quick-learning characters.
Mind values do not necessarily correlate with breadth of training and depth of experience. It is possible for a character to acquire many different Skills, but still have only an average Mind.


The Soul Stat represents luck, willpower, determination, and spirit, and can sometimes represent psychic ability, empathy, and unity with nature. A high rating in the Soul Stat helps a character focus his or her personal energies or life force to go beyond his or her normal limits and to fuel special abilities.
High Soul values are a good way to represent the many anime heroes whose main trait is their strength of character, pure heart, or innocence.


Stats range from 1 to 12. A value of 4 in a Stat is the adult human average. Ratings under 4 indicate decreasing competency and ratings over 4 designate increasing superiority. Characters must take a value of at least 1 in each Stat. For example, a person of average build, high intelligence, and above average determination might have Body 4, Mind 7, and Soul 5.
GMs are encouraged to require a solid character concept before allowing Stats values to exceed 8 since these represent values well beyond the human norm.


Your starting Character Points are used to purchase Stats (just as a reminder that is 350 character points). You must decide how many of them you will spend on Stats. Stats start with a value of 0. Raising a Stat by one costs 10 Character Points. Most characters should have values of at least 4 in each Stat.
It is up to you to decide how many Character Points you will use to acquire Stats and what each Stat’s value will be, as long the values are within the 1-12 range, and do not exceed 8 without GM approval.
Players should try not to use up all their Character Points acquiring Stats, since any Points not spent on Stats can be used to acquire very useful Templates and Attributes. Using anywhere between 120 and 240 Character Points to acquire Stats is a good choice for a typical Player Character. The GM may choose to set an absolute ceiling or floor on the number of Character Points that can be allocated to Stats to ensure characters have a balance between Stats and Attributes, or may leave this to the discretion of his or her players.

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