Character Outline

Now a Character outline is a broad concept which give you a frame to build your character from. Don’t worry it does not need to be fully detailed, you don’t need to think of all the specific skills, powers or background at this stage. Use the game boundaries that the GM sets for any specific game as the starting point for your character and build your outline on that foundation. Discuss ideas you have of your character with the GM to ensure that the character will work in the game and with the other players in the game too.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you do this.

Is the Character Human?
Human is the most common race in the world of Sera, there are of course other races like the Anihumans who are anthropomorphic creatures based on a series of animals, all of which have their own names like the Ni-chan (Cat Anihumans). There are also of course living constructs the Machanar, and fantasy typical races like the Sogen (The equivalent of elves) and the Alecsians. See Racial Templates to see all the various options available.

What are the characters strengths?

In some games the players may want to create complementary characters with unique sets of abilities. A degree of specialisation helps players enjoy their characters by giving them a unique identity. At the same time its just as important not to be too specialised or the group will lack cohesion and the other players will just be sitting there bored while each specialist has his own little adventure within the game. It is a good idea to identify a minimum set of capabilities that everyone should have. For example in a Martial Arts game, you would expect that everyone would be fighter, but each player would have his or her unique fighting style and unique backgrounds.

What are the characters weaknesses?

Now personally and i think most people as well would agree that they don’t want to have any weaknesses. Sadly that is not how the world works however and all people and creatures even figures of myth and legend, usually have weaknesses. Providing weaknesses to a character adds greater depth and potential for role-playing. So wether you have a venerability to magic, or you have some achilles heel, or that your powers take some time to activate it will be interesting what you will be able to come up with.

What is the Characters Name?

Now you have the freedom to name your character whatever you want, but the GM may have some ideas for you that will help you fit into the setting he or she is making. For example you might have a Japanese name if the game is set in japan. However try to avoid a silly name since it may ruin the suspension of disbelief for the other players.

What helps define the character?

You should decide on the characters age and sex, determine a broad archetype for his or her personality, and sketch an idea of ethnic and social background. Also consider that you should make room for your character to grow and be able to go beyond your initial concept. A character that you may have been working on for hours detailing and perfecting may quickly become stagnant and uninteresting to play once play actually begins. Good characters in general are ones who focus on one or two main personality traits and leaves plenty of room to explore so you can develop it into a more well rounded character over time. Also just because you choose a particular archetype doesn’t mean it should rule over the characters actions.

Background Details

One of the most effective ways to better visualise your character is to provide detail through your creation of a background history, a character story, a character drawing, even better draw one yourself if you are able. Spending time to develop your character without a rule structure will enhance your roleplaying greatly, and can give the GM a window into your characters motivations.

I will say that any contribution to characters backgrounds etc will be rewarded with extra character points just to give you the incentive to do it. Expect to receive 1-5 character points for each contribution towards your character for each piece you contribute towards a character you create.

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