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Now with all good games you should discuss with your GM the kind of game you want to play.

This Version of Fallen Wings will be focusing on the Era of the Shining Star which represents the year 1000 and spans 1000 years to the year 2000. Think of the world as a medieval to a steampunk kind of level of technology with the exception of a few places where the technology is quite modern. There basically is a mix of technology but imagine that the common man does not have access to it and the most elite in the world do have it. Thats not to say in some areas you will not find a mix. I am babbling a bit here but i hope you know what i mean.

Anyway on to the Power Level of the Campaign

Characters will be on the Mythical Level of Power and have a total of 350 Character Points in order for them to make a character.

Now another point is advancement, as you play a fallen wings game after each session is done you will receive anything from 1-5 character points to add to your character with the possibility of receiving extra points for good roleplaying moments and fun points in the game, this is wholly discretionary of course but expect to get at least 1-5 character points in a game.

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